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What You'll Learn In This Educational 7-Episode Series...
  • Episode 1: The Missing Medical Link: The Power of Faith & Prayer in Radical Healing
  • Episode 2: Suppressed Truth, Origins: Evolution Vs. Creation & the Impact On Faith & Healing
  • Episode 3: Essential Oils in the Bible & Modern Uses
  • Episode 4: Weight loss, Unknown Biblical Principles for Health
  • Episode 5: Answering Alzheimer’s, Secret to Long High Quality Living, Biblical Solutions to Post-Trauma, Mood Disorder Including Depression & Anxiety. 
  • Episode 6: Health Secrets in the Old Testament, Forbidden Food, Rest & Trust in God. 
  • Episode 7: Autoimmune Disease, Lyme Disease & Amazing Biblical Approaches
Hosted by Jonathan Otto
Devoted Christian, Journalist, and
Bible Health Secrets Founder & Director
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